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January 19, 20 21

and slaining

to realize they


Unfortunately, we felt another letter was warnential to defend our position and our opinon of you! Finest, we sawow bei TV Wow Kyaw personal farmidinge

” skaining. we had disusunod you ~

” being mislead to saging

that 75 million people and all but 10 Ho.r. Representations, are being misledh” as well ?? Seriously A sam, restly! You one being miested” (brainwashad) by the Democrats and the fake Again, we thought you were “sment enough”

. manipulating your mind. We have not disowned you, you have disowned yourself! You had a bit of

disrespecting a prominent pastor (Pester Robert Joffresad, sasusing him of investing violence. Shame on you! If anyone

is inciting violence and dividing this country, it is so you,

new media and the Democrati!! It is beyond our comprehension that have submitted and conformed to the leftest Demerrets idech.

have done this is reprehensible!! Glas,

demanded Pastor Offrons to bean ProTrump Christians Out of Darkness” as your personal family we find that most insulting!! To

Christian Principal for self goin


give up your deplorable! What do

! What do you expect to gain after losing all respect from your colleagues and your constituents! with

constituents! Will your disagreement and lack of respect of the majority of the H.O.P. House, you might as will join the Democrat Perty (Poesn’t it bother you at all that you have lost the respect” of

many good people and believers ?!) You

the leftist, arcial democrati to drile the Republican Party, which will ensure future Deneratia political victorian Free speech is under nassoult, 27 Amendment right as in jeopardy, business failing, schoole closed, ate, ate.

the fah

The fact that you

sowe saw where


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